Anti Spam

Weather Shop takes the subject of Spam very seriously.

We suggest that you make sure our email domain,, is in your white list. No email will be sent from any other of our domains.

Our inbound server uses industry standard solutions to reduce inbound spam email. Our internal servers, computers and networks are protected by Sophos Anti Virus with updates several times a day.

Email that we send to you will come only from our domain including our internal public facing servers and our external web servers. All of these servers  and our DNS services are correctly configured so that any form of backward look up will verify them. Spam mail purporting to come from our domain,, but actually not should fail at your anti spam service.

If you believe that mail from us has gone astray then we suggest that you check in your spam mail box. There is no reason, including virus checks, why any of our mail should be considered spam but sometimes over zealous services incorrectly identify mail and its contents as spam.

All mail into our business is double checked for Spam. The levels are set to reduce the amount of offensive material that reaches our users to as low as possible. Unfortunately this means that some seemingly innocent mail is consigned to the spam bin. If your email has met this fate then we apologise but we are sure that you understand our responsibility to our employees in this respect.

Please note that any email sent to us with the word “spam” in the subject line will automatically go to our spam bin and be flushed soon after.

Because of the large numbers of emails we legitimately send out we get automated responses from individuals spam filtering services. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to these.