Which is the Best Weather Station in the UK for Me to Buy?

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Best Weather Station

People from right across the UK ask us every day: “Which is the best weather station for home use?” Our simple guide below will help you narrow down to the right choice for you.

Things to consider:

  • What information you would like the weather station to provide?
  • Accuracy & robustness required.
  • Is the look of the main indoor unit important to you (it might be the first thing you look at each morning).
  • Do you live in a stone building or have other significant solid structures between where you would like to place an external sensor and the main indoor unit? This could mean some lower-end wireless weather stations would struggle to communicate between units.
  • And of course – your budget to buy a weather station will have a bearing on which is best for you.

Note: For commercial/research grade weather stations, visit the website of our outdoor monitoring division EnviroMonitors.co.uk.

Types of Weather Stations

Complete Weather Stations

Best Weather Station UK - Oregon Scientific WMR86N

Oregon Scientific WMR86NX Wireless Weather Station

Complete weather stations include all the features of forecasters (see below), often have many upgrade options and come with one or more external units to measure:

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Humidity
  • Rain levels.

The display screen on the main indoor unit will usually show more detail than a forecaster and include:

  • Wind-chill
  • Heat index
  • Dew-point
  • Alarms for various weather extremes.

Almost all of the complete weather stations people buy from us now are wireless weather stations. Many will connect to a PC/Mac, or directly to the Internet for recording, analysis and display of your data automatically.

Some weather stations have their very own app for mobile devices, so you can keep an eye on the weather at home no matter where you are. Many can be upgraded either at time of purchase or as/when you need them with other sensors for temperature/humidity/UV/soil moisture/evapotranspiration/leaf wetness etc.

An exciting new development is the BloomSky SKY2 weather station, which includes an HD smart weather camera, capturing an image of the sky every few minutes. The images and day’s time-lapse can be shared via an app, and historical data can be viewed online.

Below are links to the different categories:

Home Weather Stations – Lots of useful features and will look great in your home.

Enthusiast Weather Stations – Highly accurate, with more options for upgrading as your needs change.

Commercial & Research Weather Stations – For when your business or research depends on accurate weather tracking & forecasting.

Basic Weather Stations (Weather Forecasters/Weather Clocks)

Best Weather Station UK - TechnoLine WeatherMan Weather Forecaster

TechnoLine ‘WeatherMan’ Weather Forecaster

Basic weather stations generally comprise a main unit with large display screen and an external temperature sensor that can be placed outdoors or in a different room (e.g. a nursery). The display screen will usually show:

  • Current temperature near the main unit, plus near the external sensor (if included).
  • Weather forecast – usually with the help of easy-to-read icons to indicate rain/sunny/cloudy etc
  • Time and date – some feature atomic clocks that automatically adjust for daylight saving.


  • Display: humidity, moon phase, barometric pressure, weather warning, ice alert
  • Include an alarm clock
  • Can be upgraded with additional external temperature/humidity sensors
  • Project the time & outdoor temperature onto your wall or ceiling
  • Can be wall mounted, or used table-standing.

They do not include a rain gauge, wind vane, or anemometer, so cannot display actual rain levels, or wind speed & direction. Modern digital forecasters are designed to look great in your home – there are a wide range of styles, from sleek and subtle – to colourful and fun.

Browse our range of Basic weather stations.

For those looking for something more decorative, we also sell a wide range of traditional weather instruments.

Weather Station Reviews

Best Home Weather Station Reviews UK

UK weather station reviews from our customers

You’ll notice that the are many home weather station reviews on our site. To read them, simply click below the blue stars whenever you see them on a product page.


At all levels some products are more expensive that others and it is always the case that the more you spend the better it gets in terms of performance, accuracy, functionality and quality. It might be that this is a great gadget with a purpose, the first step into what might be a new and exciting hobby, or you or the recipient are a weather geek!

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Need Some Advice on the Best Weather Station for You?

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