Which Weather Station?

Posted in Before you buy.

We are always being asked by our customers which weather station is best for them. More so at Christmas or gift times when the purchaser possibly knows less about the subject that the intended recipient. However before we can even think about answering it you need to ask yourself several questions.

Note: For commercial/research grade weather stations, visit the website of our outdoor monitoring division EnviroMonitors.co.uk.

To start with what are you looking for;

  • a simple forecaster with temperature, humidity, a forecast icon?
  • a desk top weather station with the above plus barometric pressure reading?
  • a complete weather station with wind, rain and possibly other sensors?

Of course it is not quite that simple because there will be all sorts of design features and functions that differentiate the various products. You have to decide whether these are desirable or not or simply incidental.

Of course you have to consider budget. At all levels some products are more expensive that others and it is always the case that the more you spend the better it gets in terms of performance, accuracy, functionality and quality. It might be that this is a great gadget with a purpose, the first step into what might be a new and exciting hobby or you or the recipient are a weather nut!

Once you have some idea of the answer to these browse our online catalogue to get an idea of the products available. They are sorted by general product type or value.

More products are being released which will connect to a PC. This allows the recording, analysis and display of your data automatically. You need to decide whether this is an option you would like.

Finally, the budget you have in mind will either expand or limit the suitable products.