Installation Services

All of the products we supply are very easy to install so we do not normally offer installation services. In most instances our retail consumer customers will carry out this installation themselves with perhaps the help of someone to foot a ladder when they are installing their wind sensor.

Very occasionally commercial and education customers have more difficulty in arranging installation within their business environment. In these case we can offer an installation and training service within certain limitations. Because it is not the nature of our every day business it is not realistic for us to carry insurance for working in increased risk situations. In particular we are not able to work at height above 5 meters.

Our charges for this work have to reflect the cost of a man day for the work with any additional traveling time and the cost of any expenses incurred.

Before we can quote for installation work we will need details, including photographs, of the location. Once we have this information we will be able to confirm a price for the work.

Our installation service is always above and beyond the supply of the product. We are not able to offer supply, deliver and install as a single package.