Links Specialist

On this page you will find a host of links to other web sites. We have only included sites that we feel may be of interest to visitors to our site. These specialist web sites offer products and / or information that you may or may not find interesting or useful. They are not necessarily weather related but represent a range of weather, business and leisure.

Wunderground – Wunderground is a an online weather resource allowing users to share their own personal weather data with the world.

TheWeatherOutlook – The Weather Outlook is the UK’s leading online weather community and forum. The Weather Shop is pleased that TWO has chosen us to partner their product review section.

The Royal Meteorological  Society – Visit The Royal Meteorological Society web site. An absolute must for serious weather and climate enthusiasts.

The Met Office – one of the world’s leading providers of environmental and weather-related services

Ant Veal – Ant Veal’s very useful listing site contains links to many and possibly most weather related sites on the Internet. Tidily categorised and regularly maintained it is a must first stop for weather on the web.

Weather Web Dot Net – Simon Keeling is a self-confessed weather anorak who enjoys writing and broadcasting as a way to convey and enthuse my enjoyment of all things meteorological to the listener or reader.

The International Journal of Meteorology – As the name suggests this is The International Journal of Meteorology published monthly and is packed with interesting and authoritative articles. Available world wide by subscription.

Scottish Weather Network Weather in Scotland – This site is an affiliation of personal weather websites located in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Isle of Wight Weather – Providing 24hr weather information for several locations on the Isle of Wight.

MeteoTechnology – An international web database of meteorological information and companies.

Motorsport Tours – The absolute best way to visit some of Europe’s premiere motor racing events. Alan and Val have 15 years experience of making sure their guests enjoy the event both at and way from the track.

Flyer – Agriculture and Outdoor World Directory An independent online listing site with information about thousands of suppliers of equipment and services relevant to agriculture.

The Royal Navy Meteorological Branch – Website for retired members of the Royal Navy’s Meteorological Branch.

The Cloud Appreciation Society – Website for those who love clouds and are not ashamed to say it!

Boats 4 Fun – Boats 4 Fun is a family run business selling boats near Eastbourne for a variety of applications.

British Towns & Villages – British Towns & Villages is the website to find places to stay, things to see and things to do.

Allchorn Pleasure Boats – Allchorn Pleasure Boats operate heritage pleasure cruises to Beachy Head from the beach at the popular coastal resort of Eastbourne, on the south coast of England.

netweather.TV – Every Thursday Michael Fish will be presenting a video forecast looking ahead to the weekend and beyond, using a brand new presentation system which we have been developing for over 2 years.

Solar Atlas – This website is presented in the spirit of informing those that find the prospect of using solar power and solar systems a possibility. It is hoped that global warming can be helped by the increased awareness of natural and renewable energies.

Sailing Fast – The Sailing Fast web site has been designed to offer a quick on-line solution to your needs for sailing spares, whether you’re looking for the essentials like sails and trolleys to tiny shackles and ropes you can be sure that anything you find on the Sailing Fast web site has been tested by our team and is, we believe, the best there is available today.