On this page you will find a host of links to weather websites. Some have links to their own online weather using systems purchased from Weather Shop. If you have purchased weather recording equipment from us and would like us to feature your website please contact us by email.

Port Talbot Weather – Live weather from Port Talbot, UK, from a Davis Vantage Vue.
Plymouth Weather – Live weather from Plymouth, UK, from a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus.
Meteo Hacinas – Live weather from Hacinas, Spain, from a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Fars.
GW0DQW-Wales Weather Site – Live weather from Llanfrechfa, Wales, from a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus.
Higher Brixham, Devon – Live weather from Higher Brixham, Devon, from a Davis Vantage Pro2 including Solar sensor.
CM2 Weather Tile Kiln, Chelmsford – Live weather from Chelmsford, Essex.
Headcorn Weather – Live weather from Headcorn, Kent, using a Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station.
Caithness Weather – Live weather from Caithness, Scotland, and 5 other locations.
South Cumbria – Live weather from South Cumbria, UK.
Monkston Nr Milton Keynes – Live weather from Monkston Nr Milton Keynes, UK.
Edgewater Holiday Park – Live weather from County Down, UK.
Hunstanton Wind – Live weather from Hunstanton from a Davis VP2, UK.
Yorkshire Bees – Live weather from Yorkshire Bees from a Davis VP2, UK.
Activus Outdoors Live Weather – Live weather from Activus Outdoors based Cumbria, UK.
Woking Weather – Live weather from Knaphill, Woking -UK.
Powder Blue – take their skiing so seriously that they have created a network of web sites covering resorts throughout the French alps.
Severn Tales – A charming site revealing Tales from the River Severn and live Weather at Gloucester
Cambrai Covers – Leading manufacturers of covers for aircraft
Sea Sprite Sports – Weather at Worthing, UK, amongst other features
Hastings Weather, UK – As the site suggests the weather in Hastings – UK
Newton-le-Willows, UK – Weather at Newton-le-Willows – UK
Cheddleton, UK – Weather at Cheddleton – UK
Crondall, UK – Weather at Crondall – UK
Kapadokya Balloons, Turkey – Ballooning adventures at Kapadokya, Turkey, where they gain live weather from a Davis Weather Station.
Halikko, Finland – Henrik Rolom’s excellent Finnish weather web site that uses a highly customised version of Weather Display32.
Elgin, Scotland – Weather website based in Elgin using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 and Weather Display software.
Poole Yacht Club, UK – Smart and information display using a weatherstation and software for Poole Yacht Club members.
Worthing Weather, UK – The team at Worthing Weather use a Davis Vantage Pro2 and Weather Envoy. A great site for the local community.
Wroxhall Weather – Weather website uses WeatherDisplay and Vantage Pro2 Plus FARS in Wroxall, Isle of Wight.
Merseyside Weather, UK – Merseyside Weather.
Easter Badbea, UK – Weather Display Live.
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK – Vantage Pro2 Station in Leeds.
Orkney, UK – Vantage Pro2 Station in Orkney.
Penrith, UK – Vantage Pro2 Station in Penrith.