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Hobo Data Loggers

Hobo Data loggers for temperature, humidity and weather at the Weather Shop. To discuss the most suitable logger for your application please contact us on 01243 558280 or visit our sister website:

Our technical sales team will advise which solution will provide you with the information you seek.

HOBO UX100 Series sets a new standard for portable temperature / humidity data logging. UX100 delivers higher accuracy, larger measurement capacity and LCD features to make environmental data collection faster and easier than before with HOBO loggers.

The UX100 bridges the gap between traditional loggers which typically do not have LCD displays and the more expensive LCD loggers that require calibration. Users can have the logger performance they need in a small and affordable package to be installed where needed.

The HOBO Micro Station offers reliable monitoring performance at industry-leading prices.

The Micro Station is designed for stand-alone data logging applications, the 4-channel HOBO Micro Station accepts Onset's full suite of plug-and-play Smart Sensors,and is battery-powered for up to one year.

HOBO also have the option of remote monitoring systems delivering accuracte and dependable data right to your desktop.

ZW logger are a family of wireless data nodes that provide centralised monitoring of energy and environmental conditions in buildings.

These loggers are best suited for on-site facility monitoring applications where web-based data access is not required. They transmit high-accuracy, real-time data from dozens of points to a central PC. This eliminates the need of having to manually retrieve and offload individual data loggers, saving you time and money.

HOBOnode Wireless Sensors combine field-proven HOBO reliability with the convenience of wireless.

HOBOnode Sensors monitor temperature and soil moisture conditions and wirelessly transmit the data back to your computer. They enable you to view current conditions, received alarm notifications, and log data on your PC without having to run cables through the field.