Software Services

ICT Support

At Weather Shop our business is supplying weather monitoring equipment that often comes with computer connectivity and software. As a result we are often asked to provide support and services above and beyond the hardware and software we have supplied.

Because the equipment is attached by our customers to a wide variety of different computers with various operating systems and each one with a completely different implimentation it is impossible for us to have knowledge of each users local setup. Suffice it to say that we know for sure that the products we supply work well in any normal “vanila flavoured” environment.

We do not set out to provide ICT support beyond our own products but we do have some skills and experience in this area. If you are experiencing problems getting your weather station software to work and these are related to your computer and its operating system or implimentation then we may be able to offer some help. That is if your computer hardware and software vendor or support service is not able to do so. However we cannot do this on a gratis basis and will have to charge commercial ICT support rates for doing so.

Web Site Design and Integration

Some of the products we sell are designed for publishing data to the internet for web site viewing.The technologies and protocols used are as simple as can be and present no challenge to anyone with basic computing and web publishing skills. In particular apart from filling in the correct infoormation as directed in the weather station software  the user will only really need to understand very simpl HTML.

However sometimes we find in commercial situations there is a gap between the client and their web site designer. The client knows what they want to achieve but perhaps lacks the knowledge or direct access to their web service. Whereas their web site designer does not have direct access to the PC connected to the weather station and is probably not interested in understanding the weather station software.

In this kind of situation we can act as an intermedieary between the client and their web site designer or even take over the weather publishing side of their web site design. Again we cannot do this on a gratis basis and would need to charge commercial web design rates for such work.

Special Projects

Using our own skills and those of developers and designers who we work with from time to time we may be able to undertake special projects. These have included the like of ;

  • means of acquiring distributed data over LAN, WLAN, WAN, GSM and GPRS.
  • interface with software solutions or such as modbus.
  • presentation of collections of data via the web.

For work such as this we would expect to scope the project and agree charges before making a start on the work.