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Whether you are a hobbyist, have a commercial or educational need for weather instruments or are just looking for a great gift – you’ll find it here at the Weather Shop. We have products from top brands including Davis Instruments, Oregon Scientific, Technoline, Irox and Skyscan.

So browse around to your hearts content. And always remember, we’re as passionate about the weather as you, and our knowledgeable agents are online – ready to offer you one-on-one advice.

Weather Instruments & Meteorological Products

Here are just a few of the many weather instruments and meteorological products we have in-stock in our UK warehouse:

  • aneroid barometers
  • electronic barometers
  • complete weather stations
  • WiFi weather stations
  • thermometers
  • hygrometers
  • anemometers and wind vanes
  • rain gauges and data loggers
  • weather books
  • software

Every one of us at the Weather Shop works hard in providing products which are not only innovative and leading edge, but are great value for your money as well.

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