BloomSky Weather Station

Introducing the next generation weather station from BloomSky

The BloomSky Sky2 weather station represents a significant leap forward in weather station technology.

In addition to the standard: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and rain (detection), Sky2 also measures UV and features an integrated HD camera!

Its HD smart weather camera with its ultra-wide angle lens (170 degree) turns on at dawn and turn off at dusk based on local area sunrise and sunset times, capturing an image of the sky every few minutes. The images and day’s timelapse can be shared via the free app, and historical data is available to station owners via an owner dashboard.

The SKY2 is solar powered and connects to your WiFi network for a truly wireless and hassle free installation.

You can pair the STORM unit at any time to add windspeed, direction and rainfall measurements to your system.

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HD Camera

Ultra wide angle lens to capture real-time images of the sky

Precipitation / Rainfall

Sensor promptly indicates rainfall


Relative humidity precision: ± 3% RH (typ. 10–90% RH),
Range of relative humidity: 0-100% RH


Operating temperature range: -4°F (-20°C) to 131°F (55°C)
Temperature accuracy: ±0.3°C (Max)


Absolute pressure range: 300 – 1100 hPa


Solar powered panel for automatic recharge

Rain Collector

Tipping cup accuracy: 0.2 mm per tip, no limit range


Wind speed accuracy: 1 m/s or ±5%
Start-up speed: 0.5 m/s

Wind Direction

Measures direction in 8 compass points

UV Sensor

UV exposure range: 280nm – 400nm (UV-A, UV-B)


Wireless communication range: Up to 100 meters (110 yards)


Compact solar panel for continuous operation

STORM store 1

Share Weather Online

A Smarter Way to View The Weather

The first crowdsource community that enables you to view and share real-time images of the weather in locations that matter most.


BloomSky Weather Map

On Demand Weather

Find out what the weather looks like right now and plan your day efficiently

Crowdsourced Data

Receive weather information from devices spread across the world in real-time

Time-lapse Videos

Check, view and share captivating time-lapse videos of today’s weather and the days prior

Locations that Matter

Locate, follow and share the weather from many BloomSky locations placed around the world

Real-time Notifications

Stay ahead on the latest weather trends with optional alerts pushed to your mobile device

Publish the Weather

Share and save photos, videos, and weather data through the app to your family, friends and followers

You can view our very own weather station by clicking the image below:

Weathershop Bloomsky

The BloomSky weather stations are currently used around the world in lots of different environments.

BloomSky Community Gallery

Connectivity - Alexa

Alexa, meet BloomSky!

BloomSky Alexa

Integrate your weather station seamlessly with Alexa using Amazon Echo.


To use this functionality, you must have account access to a BloomSky station that is online.

You can ask the weather station for live weather conditions, for example:

“Alexa, ask Bloom Sky for the temperature”

“Alexa, ask Bloom Sky for the pressure”

“Alexa, ask Bloom Sky for the humidity”

For storm device owners, you can ask for daily rain accumulation and wind speed.

Installation & Support

Installation & Support

The outdoor weather station manual which includes specs can be found here in PDF.


For our outdoor weather station we also have a detailed installation manual here.


You can visit the support desk here.


The BloomSky Story

The BloomSky Story

Weather is more than just a number. It’s everywhere and impacts everything; it’s what we talk about with friends and family over long distances; it can transform an enjoyable day outside to an afternoon indoors, or worse…threaten communities. Get the whole picture and understand more about your weather and your world with BloomSky.

BloomSky is a hyperlocal network of weather cameras around the world, providing visually immersive weather information in real-time. We give you a new perspective on weather reporting, and a more accurate view of local conditions than ever before.

The BloomSky blog is a peak behind the curtain, offering insight into everything BloomSky and Weather – what causes unusual conditions, weather photography and timelapse videos, the science explained, company info, home connectivity, as well as tips and tricks on using and optimizing your smart weather station and the mobile app.


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